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Fixed-fifth anniversary of netizens Carnival
Date: 2008-03-18
     January 11, on the theme "Fixed-fifth anniversary of your" fixed-five companies anniversary officially began. The anniversary activities, in addition to moving-company before January 8 issued its free open source PowerEasy SiteWeaver CMS and eShop Online system, but also meticulous preparation, including the "easy-moving red envelopes with the fifth anniversary gift." "Dynamic easy to collect large video creative," "Wishing the future," and "registered move easily send messages," "Answer to the present", such as the many activities to celebrate the rich and cash award to commemorate the gifts, and hundreds of thousands of users users to share the joy of the fifth anniversary of joy. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of moving easy, as easy to move the strategic and cooperative partnership company earnings to pay Qualcomm also provided gifts and dynamic part of users with easy music.
   It is learnt that the dynamic company and Tencent Choi Yi-Fu has been reached further cooperation, and moving easily in the latest version of open-source software, pay-pay-perfect interface has been integrated and placed in the default option. Choi pay Qualcomm is the only free online payment platform, online payment market in the country living in second place, I believe that moving easy and Qualcomm's earnings to pay for further cooperation between the head of the broad masses of users bring more benefits, including Web site operators to reduce the cost of online payment website, as well as further promote resources.

   At this annual event, moving easily company also disclosed its. NET platform with the launch plan to "move easily Friends help plan." Lasted one and a half years of R & D SiteFactory products will be easy to move in the January 18 edition of RC release, it will be easy to move. NET platform an informal version of the final, at the same time, moving easily company stressed that the RC version of the product moving easily SiteFactory can be used for formal establishment, which is thousands of moving easily. lovers run NET is an exciting good news. In order to solve the dynamic has been a lot easier because users caused by inadequate technical capacity upgrades, conversion difficulty of the issue, the company announced the move-08 start in the "Friends help move easily plan," have the technical capacity to recruit enthusiastic users join, with a view to the broad masses of users more useful and positive mutual support. "Friends help move easily plan" first time recruitment ended on January 31, will now join the scheme may be fixed easily incentives oh.

   Fixed-fifth anniversary activities of the website: Q large number of coins, cash prize, a souvenir, and an MP3 digital products and dynamic luxury products easy SiteFactory gift Check it out!
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