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Fixed-open source products released SiteWeaver6.5
Date: 2008-03-18
     January 8, 2008, the leading developer of dynamic content management system easy officially released its latest series of products SiteWeaver: PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?CMS 6.5 and PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?eShop 6.5. The product is Microsoft's ASP language framework, mainly for the domestic small and medium-sized web sites and e-commerce applications, a powerful, easy-to-use, security, strong, wide adaptability, and other characteristics. This is easy to move in November last year announced its plan after the open-source products released by the first open-source products, and user-oriented public free download Address:
PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?CMS 6.5 Download Address:
PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?eShop 6.5 Download Address:
     It is also easy to move in the 06-2006 series issued dynamic software, after the first two years after the release of new products. As the establishment of a mature software product, moving easily with its 2006 Series Software excellent user experience and the design of humanity, won throughout the government, business, science, research, education, the media, individuals, and other fields widely praised by users, its software users to the rapid growth in the size of more than 300,000, accounting for the total number of domestic websites 1 / 4, and make moving easier firmly occupy the domestic software establishment of a leading position.

     The new fixed-released PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?series of products is the predecessor to move easily name has been heard in the fixed-2006 Series software. Based on the same ASP language development, after nearly two years of development, moving easily through the 2006 family of software-based remodeling optimization, PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?will bring more customers to use products pleasant feelings - as high as 30% of the total performance enhancements, users have been criticized in the pace of HTML generation efficiency of 50% have been resolved, the site occupied more system resources than the previous version of the 2006 decrease of 5%. In addition, SiteWeaver ?further enhances system security strategy, BCT security services through the safety audit organizations, and new, including the "pay-to pay Choi," "online payment options," including the many practical function. In open source code, a succession of fixed-2006 software user base of the profound PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?software series will be more because of its source code clean accessibility standards, the integrity of the Notes code informative and excellent scalability of the system and is ahead of a similar open-source products, the establishment of a more technical enthusiasts and lovers of choice in the election.

     PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?products mark the release of ASP products in the fixed-line development for the further development and perfection, and also shows that open-source products move easily into the real stages of implementation. According to the moving-company related information products that PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?products will be completely free of charge to individual users for non-commercial use, without any restrictions on the use and function of time, life can be downloaded free of charge and upgrades, while providing high-performance MSSQL Web site users database as a data management support. Another easy moving, code-named SiteFactory based. NET product line will also be launched in the near future, the software will be easy to move users will be able to easily to the Web site technologies from the ASP. NET free upgrade.

     PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?CMS 6.5 and PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?eShop 6.5 release page address:

     Fixed-open source recalled:
     November 20, 2007 - Fixed-suddenly announced that it was moving its easy ?2006 series all open-source software, and end the automatic version-4.03 in the three years since the road closed source; It is understood that the open source version of our goals is to establish most standardized code, and clean, easy to read and informative notes most complete source code ASP classic example! In addition, the open-source PowerEasy ?SiteWeaver ?CMS version 6.5 will be completely free of charge to non-commercial personal use! Users can download free, free, free upgrade, and functions without the use of the time limit.

     April 20, 2004? "Move-site management system," version 4.0 released! Domestic open-source software because of the illegal profits growing, dynamic products will be easy for packaging components to protect intellectual property rights.

     January 11, 2003? "Impetus article system," version 1.0 released! Fixed-marked the first open-source software products birth.
Present: Fixed-fifth anniversary of netizens Carnival
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