Alliance flow
Alliance condition
Selected location
Dealer exclusive agency application alliance flow  

(1)The Jinlongyabu dealers ally the flow:

First inquires by telegram either the consultation - - business preliminary qualifications examination - - intention business applies for - - the market banking department on-the-spot investigation discussion - - dealer to appraise - - the intention business to visit factory or the direct substantive consultation - - signing alliance contract - - dealer earnest money payment - - exclusive agency design application - - starts doing business the support flow - - to start doing business the arrangement - - exhibition hall exclusive agency exhibition hall and starts doing business the appraisal

(2)Businessmen are invited to open companies flow and the company support the explanation :

1) first inquires by telegram or the consultation, the business preliminary qualifications examination, the intention business applies:
A, understood that the customer area nature, the resources present situation, the brand idea, the product fixed price localization, the product recognize the insight and magnanimity and so on, simultaneously lets the business understand initially the Jinlong elegant step dealers ally the application basic flow and the condition, the market banking department carries on the preliminary verification after the business basic document and the qualifications, tallies the market banking department will carry on with it further communicates knows the real situation, after preliminary understanding, may propose that the dealer intention applies for
B, like to need the business who the Jinlong elegant step company posts the material, may fill in "Dealer Basic Condition Registration form", after basic form feedback, market banking department after dealer preliminary qualifications verification, tallies the Jinlong elegant step company will post the material for the business, after preliminary understanding, may hand in the dealer intention application

2) the market banking department on-the-spot investigation discusses:
the Jinlong elegant step company market banking department applies for the intention according to the business and knows the real situation the condition, agrees the business on-the-spot investigation and discusses, the business further understood after the Jinlong elegant step brand idea, the dealer ally the policy, the operation work flow, the mesh point choice and so on; The union understands and guides it to the Jinlong elegant step company to the local inspection, guides the business to carry on the staircase, the column market management plan and studies "Jinlong Elegant Step To sell on commission Exclusive agency Contract" in detail and "Dealer Type Duplicate Table look-up", achieves the mutual recognition the dealer proposed officially the application - - fills in "Jinlong Elegant Step Dealer Request form" earnestly the facsimile to the Jinlong elegant step company marketing department

3) dealer appraisal and substantive consultation signing:
the marketing department applies for the material and the business to the business manages the plan to carry on the comprehensive appraisal inspection, after qualified:
A, may carry on the substantive consultation and the contract directly with the market banking department signs a treaty
B, to be possible to invite the Jinlong elegant step factory visit, carries on the substantive consultation and final qualifications checking signing

4) signs a treaty the alliance contract and the earnest money payment:
A, the dealer sign the contract, must pay the Yuan prestige earnest money to the Jinlong elegant step company, contract upright -like becomes effective; (prestige earnest money after exclusive agency design, quoted price handbook, company standard operation material, exclusive agency necessary material, training of manpower and dealer standard management's prestige guarantee)
B, the contract becomes effective officially, the company will provide "Dealer To relate Material", "Dealer Operation Handbook", "Dealer Quotes price Table", company restricted data and so on VI, exclusive agency repair sample, the definite exclusive agency selected location and the application way, fill in "Jinlong Elegant Step Exclusive agency Design Request form"

5) the exclusive agency design manufactures and starts doing business the support flow:
A, "Jinlong Elegant Step Exclusive agency Design Request form" verifies, the dealer according to the company exclusive agency survey, the design standard, the feedback shop front size and the shop front picture, according to the exclusive agency operation flow development design, the type ladder design and so on concrete work, will provide the horizontal plan, the construction drawing, the effect chart, the exhibition hall cloth type and the material detailed list, the tool according to the advancement flow for the dealer provides and so on, according to the operation flow, the dealer condition suitable to be possible to hit under the funds type ladder order form
B, for the unification starting doing business step, according to the operation flow progress, the dealer may Shanghai buy the exclusive agency material, the staircase applications and so on erecting tool instruction, publicity material, material and training of manpower,Businessmen are invited to open companies personnel pay attention to the application time guidance. For details sees "Dealer Operation Handbook"
C, conforms to the Jinlong elegant step exclusive agency to dispatch the personnel to assist, the marketing department according to the staircase and the repair progress, assists the free faction specialist the staircase installment instruction and the dealer staff surveys, the installment, to lead buys and so on to train
D, to need the designer and the marketing personnel assists, "Dispatches Personnel according to the Jinlong Elegant Step Exclusive agency To assist Request form", Jinlong elegant step will send the corresponding personnel to carry on aspect and so on design, survey, market, sale training instructions

6) starts doing business the arrangement:
A, dealer in exclusive agency design repair period rests on own condition, "Trains Request form through the Jinlong Elegant Step Dealers" applies for the personnel to train
B, the dealer to the factory study starts doing business ahead of time a half month period in the exclusive agency, may depend on "Jinlong Elegant Step Dealer Material Request form" "Jinlong Elegant Step Dealer Advertisement, Active Request form" applies to start doing business the support, incurs the board of trade to complete starts doing business the instruction, the support and the service

7) on the exhibition hall the type and starts doing business the support and the inspection:
A, the shop front repair finished, the dealer prompt feedback exclusive agency new picture to the marketing department, the company according to "Jinlong Elegant Step Standard Exclusive agency Repair Rating Table" the standard, will carry on the comparison inspection and the expense to the exclusive agency cancels after verification
B, to carry on has started doing business the active dealer, the prompt feedback activity picture and the effective expense certificate, the marketing department started doing business the activity to the dealer to carry on the appraisal, according to "Jinlong Elegant Step Dealer Propaganda activity Appraisal Table" the standard, carried on the comparison inspection and the expense to the exclusive agency cancels after verification

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